About me

I am a woman


Traditionally, woman is a man with a womb. In my queer world, a man is woman of a particular kind, one that is the fruit of the womb but having a phallic genital. It is a transgendered notion of a human being and perhaps more importantly, it is a transgendered notion of the image of the Divine, the reversal of patriarchal idolatrous claims by the male. The Womb is the limit of our knowing, the answer to the question of where we come from. The divine is the mystery that meets us at the boundary beyond which is a pure veil, the original creative source of life and existence. The symbol of Love is the radial circle, the intuitive source of grace that is the ground of absolute demand and absolute succour. It is the realm of our redemption, of deepest feelings, unconditional love, `Mother Earth’, blood of the menses given for us that we may live. I claim this gendered reversal of my identity from masculine to feminine. In so doing, I have found that a new masculinity has arisen in me, one that I originally described as feminist but now I feel is better described as queer. The latter designation takes away the need to think in polar terms in matters of sexuality and gender. It is my humanity that I care about, the male within the female, that which provides the image of the divine.